Welcome to Aster's Restaurant
"Austin is again blessed with venue for Ethiopian cusine, and comparing Aster's dishes to those we've sampled in other cities, we can attest that she is producing the real deal" -MICK VANN, Austin Chronicle

Buffet is back!!! We are Open from Monday to Monday
please refer our about page for hours of operation.

Some Well Known Dishes
Doro Wott
Ethiopia's National dish! exquisitely flavorful and spicy Chicken slow simmered in Berbere Sauce and authentic Ethiopian spices.
Meat Combo
Your choice of 4 Meat dishes(Execulding Kitfo & Tibbs), and 4 veggie side dishes!
Veggie Combo(Atakelt beyaynetu)
A sample of all the vegitarian dishes!
Food from the birth Place of humanity
Ethiopia like many other african nations, is home to multiple ethic gropus, languges and relegion Ethiopia is second most populus country in Africa with a population of more than 100 million. Ethiopian dishes are one of the world's truly great cusines. Its dishes are exquisitely spiced, and heartly yet delicate, reflecting the bounty of the unique climate and cultural influence of the country.